Welcome to ReadQuick!

Welcome to ReadQuick! the site dedicated to sharing the knowledge you've learned from reading a book, article, or anything else.

Here's how it works:
1) Read a book
2) Take notes, I like to underline as I read
3) Type the notes up
4) Post them to this site

You can also read other users summaries and notes on books and discuss them using the forum (for each page). All this should help you meet some people interested in the same topics as you.

Uses for ReadQuick:
1) Learn what a book teaches without reading it. It's like cliff notes but edited by the users (and continually updated and interpreted).
2) See how different books compare and rate so you can choose one on something you're interested in.
3) Post notes on chapters from textbooks. Share this site with your study group or class and everyone can share knowledge and make studying faster and easier.

Here's some books that are up now:
Never Eat Alone
How You Make The Sale


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